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Services Description STP Puskesmas Marunda Project

STP Puskesmas Marunda Project

STP stands for Sewage Treatment Plant is a waste water management system in buildings such as hotels, apartments, condotel, hospitals, and so on. Fungis of STP is to treat wastewater or dirty water into water that is feasible to reuse or water that is environmentally friendly. Of course there are stages of treatment that can make the waste water into normal water again. Usually STP processed water will only be reused for non-consumption such as watering plants that are not contaminated with humans anymore.

STP buildings are usually separate structures with main structures but in some buildings that do not have large land, STP buildings are under the main building or under the basement. The size of the STP building adjusts the capacity of water usage in a building, for example The more hotel rooms the larger the STP capacity so that the size is larger.


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