Roots Blower Fu-Tsu Type TS
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12 Mar 2021
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Roots Blower

Specification of Roots Blower Fu-Tsu Type TS

Air Root Blower 

Futsu Root Blower is used to transfer or move air from one place to another with a certain system. Bumiwirasta provides the Futsu Root Blower and other industrial pump pumps with a variety of quality brands and the best prices. 

Specifications and Applications 

The peculiarity of the TS Type Blower
The helical construction uses the stator helical method in that the screen lines of the casing on the suction and outlet sides are cut into a helical shape, and the triangular suction and discharge ports formed by a straight line from the top of the rotor must be opened and closed gradually.
Therefore, the suction and discharge ports of this type are not opened or closed at certain times, which makes this blower only has a limited operating sound and is almost free from vibrations from emptying.

The advantages of Root Blower with FUTSU (Pressure) brand
- Deliver completely oil-free air
- Low oscillation and low noise with perfect balance
- Small changes in capacity to pressure changes
- High efficiency due to special profiles
- High quality pilot and accurate gear applied
- Long life and low noise guaranteed
- Standard products with strict quality control
- Can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, Therefore, liquids can be transported in both directions, It operates normally even if air is channeled.
- High discharge pressure even at low flow rates.
- Can control the flow volume by adjusting the rotation speed.
- Quiet duning operation.
- Simple construction, easy to operate and maintain.
- High discharge capacity can be 1.5-1.6 times more than others with the same size rotors.
- FUTSU Root Blower stock is more guaranteed and available
- Consistent FUTSU design, the same from the past until now (making replacement of spare parts easier
- Thicker FUTSU material, and genuine SKF bearings from Japan (more guaranteed, it doesn't have to be oil-soaked

Root Blower Specifications

Brand: FUTSU
Made in: Taiwan
Type: TSB-50, TSB-65, TSC-80, TSC-100, TSD-125, TSD-150, TSE-200
Discharge: 2 "- 8" Inch
Capacity: 0.89 - 35.8 m3 / min
Pressure: 1000 - 6000 mmAq

For complete Futsu Root Blower Purchases, accessories are included
   - Electromotor
   - Pressure gauge
   - Safety valve
   - Pully
   - Cover Pully
   - Silincer Inlet
   - Ball valve
   - Basplate
   - Vanbelt

We as an OFFICIAL Distributor of FUTSU Roots Blowers in Indonesia distribute the Futsu Root Blower that can be tailored to the needs of your project.
Such as the Type TSB-65, TSC-80, TSC-100, TSD-125, TSD-150, and TSE-200.

We have more than 10 years of experience. For consultation, you can directly contact our marketing via chat, whatsaap or ask for a fast response offer.
Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Thank you.

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