Dosing Pump Chemtech

Sell ​​Chemtech Dosing Pump

PT. Bumi Wirastaraya Sejahtera, supplier & distributor of industrial pumps provides Chemtech dosing pumps of various types and series. We sell Chemtech dosing pump or chemical injection pump which is a pump used to mix a certain chemical solution into a liquid. This chemical injection pump has a fluid flow setting that will be injected so that its use is very accurate. Injection can be done in a system that is open to the surrounding air (open to atmosphere) or with a closed system (closed system). If this pump is for application in a closed system then using a high-pressure injection pump as well as an open system does not need to use a high-pressure chemical injection pump. Chemical dosing pumps are usually used in a variety of industrial applications and also in the field of water treatment both in WTP, WWTP and STP. Looking for the best chemical injection pump at cheap prices? Contact us at the cheap industrial pump sale and purchase center that provides products with chemtech dosing pump prices for your industrial needs.
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